In this era where there is great hustle and bustle in everyone’s life . Where’s  one wants to control different functions by just one click or using one simple app or website that can ease all His pains .  Here technologies are working too way faster than humans. A tremendous advancement can be seen in the field of web development. PWAs is the top trending topic introduced by Google to enhance the mobile applications and Conventions websites.

Introduction to PWAs:

Progressive Web Apps are  regular Web applications which is a hybrid between websites and apps that gives its users a original app like experience through its advanced features supported by googl making it more popular day by day.PWAs are the best form of development technologies fusing with UX and website performance.

Features of PWAs:

PWAs have numerous enhanced features that make them way too much better than native apps .

1:PWAs are compatible with all devices and browsers giving all mobile users the same experience .

2:PWAs can work both offline or low quality networks.

3:These apps use push notifications to keep the interest of user and to motivate them to open the app

4: These apps keep themselves up to date even when you don’t use these apps.

5: After the simple installation process on device you can add these apps to your home screen . Also apps can be used in full screen mode.

How Does it Work?

Progressive web apps are really fast loading because these are built in Application shells architecture .The data is downloaded and stored all at once in app cache. The content is dynamically displayed. Amazing app performance lead to improved user satisfaction.

Example of PWAs:

Here are few example of impressive PWAs across different industries.


Starbucks built a PWA for ordering system giving its costumers the quite similar experience to their native app.Starbucks PWA allows the costumers to browse the menu and to customize the orders with or without the access to Internet.This Starbuck PWA got popular cause of its amazing features which Starbucks itself witnessed in less amount of a result they doubled the number of web users wji can place order everyday. So now there Is equal rate of mobile app users and Web users.


Uber, An American mobility as service provider expanded their costumer base by creating a progressive web app making it  easier and faster to request for rides. Uber PWA working splendidly regardless of location , network or device

3: Flipboard

Being the most popular social magazine globally, allowing its users to keep up with all news topics and events from one place. It is one of the best example of PWA for news. It gives its users fast browsing experience delivering similar experience to native app for desktop users

4: Pinterest

Pinterest saw the opportunity to improve and grow so they rebuilt their mobile web using PWA technology giving efficient results. The time spent on the app increased from 40% to 60%.

Advantages of PWAs:

PWAs work for every user regardless of device  or browser. These are fast and indexable. You can boost your SEO while enjoying native app like experience. These apps are safe to use and provide privacy to content .Discoverability is the modified feature of PWAs that increase its combativeness over native apps. PWAs have no monetization limitations.


Progressive web apps is a top trend in web development providing incredible results for both marketers and users. With its advanced features is getting popular and You may call it the Future of Web browsing.